Monday, 28 February 2011


Hello, and welcome to my brand, spanking new blog!

My intention, as you can probably deduce from the title, is to spread as much healing and light as I possibly can from my home in the heart of the faery forest, here in the north of Ibiza.

Two of my greatest loves in life are animals and faeries – I was told by a Shaman recently that I am an incarnated elemental, and when a Shaman tells you something like that, it's as well to listen! For the last eight years or so, I have consulted my Faeries' Oracle deck of cards, by Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth, regularly and trusted them completely, but only over the last few months have I started to do readings for people around the island. They are proving to be phenomenally accurate and popular, and it gives me such a wonderful buzz of gratitude and joy when I see people inspired, uplifted, comforted, excited, relieved, encouraged, or just plain bowled over by the messages they are receiving. So, it occurred to me that this was something I could actually share with people world-wide by offering on-line readings. I will be selecting a card every day and posting its message here on the blog, and if you would like a personal in-depth reading, then please let me know. I will meditate with the cards, tune into your energy, then my intuition and the faeries will guide me to selecting the nine cards containing whatever message is for your highest and greatest good. I'll then mail you with the reading.

Faeries, of course, are the guardians of nature and animals, so it's no surprise really that my Reiki attunements led me to focusing my energies on healing animals. Reiki is an amazingly powerful, yet gentle, form of healing and animals respond so well to it. One of the things I love about Reiki is that it can be sent as distance healing...I don't have to physically be with the animal...I just need a photograph and to know where he or she is. Sending Reiki remotely is every bit as effective as a hands-on treatment, and when it comes to animals, it is often the most appropriate and most effective way to heal. Once again, if anyone would like me to send Reiki to a pet or animal – for anything from illness or injury, to behavioural issues, to emotional traumas, or even just for a treat – then please contact me and I'll be happy to help.

Donations are always deeply and genuinely appreciated but they are completely voluntary and I would not want anyone to feel obliged. My motivation comes from the heart and I consider it a privilege to be in a position where I am able to offer these wonderful gifts to anyone who could benefit from them. If it feels right to make a donation, great...if it doesn't, great!

I'm looking forward to many magical connections through this site, and an opportunity to work with the faeries for the higher good....and for the animals!

With love,



  1. Mom loves Faeries-we have them all over our house! It's not as magical as living in the Faerie Wood but maybe we can visit you there! You & Mom share the same two loves-cats & Faeries, and were brought together by me & Tez-how purrfect! I can just see Tez out playing with the Faeries, makes me smile!
    Love you Tez's Mom!
    <3 Lily

  2. we have fairies in our yard too.
    I worry about them thru the winter but they always seem to come back on the warm spring wind.
    I will be watching your blog.