Friday, 11 March 2011

Faery message for Friday 11th March 2011

A Collective of Pixies

If you are faced with duties right now, or boring, oppressive things you just don't want to do but are obliged to, this card recommends taking a lighthearted approach. A merry heart makes light work and all that!

But seriously, if you do make the conscious decision to do whatever it is you have to do with joy, zest and vavavoom, the whole energy of the undertaking changes and becomes lighter; everyone involved feels the difference and is affected positively by it.

A collective of Pixies is all about taking pride and joy in whatever you do, no matter how seemingly dull or tiresome or "small" the task may appear on the surface. Everything that you do is important, and the way that you do is even more important. Joining forces with others is always a good idea to make these things easier to deal with, so seek co-operation from those who might be able to help...or just ask the faeries for their might be surprised how things turn out!

(For a personal in-depth faery reading, or for a pet/animal Reiki distance healing, please feel free to contact me. Details in my "welcome" post of 28th February 2011. With love xxxxxx)

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