Friday, 25 March 2011

Faery Message for Friday 25th March 2011

Ilbe the Retriever

We've had this card before quite recently, in fact, checking back, the last time that Ilbe showed up it was a Friday!

This is the card of lost hopes and dreams. Ilbe is telling you that even if you have given up on something, perhaps due to lack of confidence or self-worth (or any of the other multitude of reasons we are all so good at finding to prevent ourselves from moving forward and going for our dreams), he has faith in you. He knows you can do it and wants to encourage you to reconsider. There is a way for you to create the future you truly want; it might not be obvious, and you might have to be alert and awake to all possibilities and opportunities - meditating would be a good idea right now - but rest assured, Ilbe will show you the path if you allow him to.

This is a wonderful card to draw...especially on a Friday! You have the potential to bring something new and exciting into your life - a long-awaited dream is at last arriving on the scene. Go for it!

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