Monday, 14 March 2011

Faery Message for Monday 14th March 2011

The Fee Lion

This is the card of tidying up loose ends...all those things we "should" have sorted out by now, but haven't, all those promises we made and didn't keep...when the Fee Lion shows up, expect a huge guilt-trip!

Of course, this can be useful - it's always good to have closure on unfinished business, and there's no doubt that once we've done this, we release a lot of energy that we can use for more positive things - dragging old stuff around like this only wears us out and causes mental (and sometimes physical) clutter which is never a helpful thing.

But, you owe it to yourself to question exactly where these feelings of obligation came from? Are you being too hard on yourself? Have you taken on board too much and left yourself feeling frazzled and resentful? How much of this is down to other people's unrealistic or unfair demands of you that you felt you couldn't say no to?

The Fee Lion encourages you to fulfill your duties and sort your own stuff out efficiently, but to move on from old irrelevant emotional programming that constantly makes you feel guilty for other people's "stuff".

It's a tricky one, but remember, if you feel confused all you have to do is ask for help and clarity....and you will always receive it.

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