Sunday, 27 March 2011

Faery message for Sunday 27th March 2011

The Pook

If things are in a bit of a muddle right now, if your life seems to be filled with contradictions and paradoxes, The Pook tells you not to worry too much about it. Confusion happens when we are too rigid in our mind-sets, labelling this thing as good and that thing as bad and The Pook would like to remind you that there is always some good in bad, and some bad in good.

If you are faced with some kind of paradox, the best thing to do is to acknowledge it but don't get bogged down with it. Get on with other aspects of your life and very soon, you will have an "a-ha moment", a burst of insight and finally get it.

The insights and information you need to resolve this conflict will come to you, but they can't be rushed or forced. Just relax, wait and stay alert.

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