Thursday, 31 March 2011

Faery Message for Thursday 31st March 2011

Taitin the Sylph

Taitin is the faery of mental quickness and adaptability.

If you are finding unexpected things happening in your life that are making you question your old ways of thinking or your old belief-structures, you can be sure that Taitin is somewhere close by. She likes to startle us into seeing and thinking in new and exciting ways. You may find your mental and psychic abilities are awakening and growing stronger; new ideas or new versions of old ideas may be abounding, and whilst Taitin encourages enthusiasm, she also cautions you to be selective - don't go over the top, and do avoid excess and extremes.

This new independent thinking could initially cause conflict or confusion, but if you remain grounded whilst your mind is being energised with all these bright ideas, you will come to a new and clearer understanding which will affect all areas of your life for the better.

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