Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Faery Message for Wednesday 2nd March 2011

The Faery who was Kissed by the Pixies

It's all about love, baby! This card talks about pure, unconditional love and recommends that we open our hearts to this now. We're not just talking romantic love here, this encompasses all types of love and committed relationships. Sometimes, it is a bit scary to open our hearts in this way, as it leaves us vulnerable to loss and grief, and this is something that I'm personally learning right now, having recently lost my beloved cat, Tez, who I cared for and loved for 16 years. It's indescribably painful, but this card assures us that there is no pain that is not balanced by the greater joy of love.
So, if you have closed your heart down for fear of being hurt, now is a good time to open up again. Know that it is totally safe and by doing so, you are, in effect, inviting in and welcoming changes for the better to take place in all areas of your life, but especially in relationships.

(For a personal in-depth faery reading, or for a pet/animal Reiki distance healing, please feel free to contact me. Details in my "welcome" post of 28th February 2011. With love xxxxxx)

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  1. I love the image of "The Faery who was Kissed by the Pixies" - would love to see the card! As someone who loved your sweet Tez also I am understanding the balance between love and pain now also, Thanks you for sharing your sweet boy with us!
    Love you Miss Jinny!
    <3 Lily