Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Faery message for Tuesday 24th May 2011

O! That Gnome

The forces of chaos are at work right now, things might not be as they seem, but don't panic because, believe it or not, this is actually a good thing.

That Gnome brings creative chaos into our lives, which gives us the opportunity to break down old, outdated habits by showing us how silly they really are. He is now encouraging you to step out of your comfortable ruts so that you can explore wonderful, exciting and strange new paths. He is trying to bring your attention to the hidden talents and latent gifts that you may be unaware of, but he that can see bubbling away inside you.

It is safe for you now to take reasonable risks...use your head and look before you leap first, of course...but be assured that leaps of faith that you take in good heart are likely to be very rewarding. Look for the unexpected, find the opportunity in it, then go for it.

And remember, if things do seem very chaotic and confusing, there is a way forward, but it is a creative way and one you haven't tried before. This is one of those times where what feels like breakdown is actually leading to breakthrough.

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