Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Faery Message for Wednesday 15th June 2011

The Oak Men

Don't rush into anything today.

The Oak Men say that this is a time for looking slowly and deeply into the heart of any issue you may have going on. See past the superficialities of the surface and take action only after thorough deliberation. Haste, at this moment, could be your worst enemy.

Use your own perceptiveness and intuition, but also draw on the strength and wisdom of age. Learn from the wisdom of the elders...both those available for you to consult with face-to-face, and also those you encounter in books, the internet & elsewhere.

They also suggest that there is a lot to be learned from trees. Connect with a wise old one, ask for its help or advice, and see what ideas come into your mind. And don't forget to give it a big hug before you leave!!

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