Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Faery message for Wednesday 1st June 2011


Wow, it's less than a week since we had this card last, so Solus's message is obviously very important right now!

Solus is bringing light and radiance into your life, and when he turns up in a reading, you can rest assured that things are moving forward in the right direction. Something new is being brought into being in your life, something that you have been, and probably still are, putting much effort into. Solus is letting you know that your efforts will pay off and that you are receiving help from other realms too. He encourages you to stand on your own two feet and to give yourself credit for your own strengths and good is a time to learn to trust and depend on yourself.

Movement into the light is occurring and you can expect a run of miracles! Enjoy them, be grateful for them, and be sure to pass your blessings on by doing whatever you can to help and serve others.

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