Friday, 26 August 2011

Faery Message for Friday 26th August 2011

The Singer of Connection

If you are feeling isolated, lonely or bereft, it means that you have lost awareness of your connection to this Singer. Yet, the connection is always only need to be open to it.

You are being encouraged to keep your heart open, to seeing all relationships (especially the difficult ones) being earthed, centered and connected.

It is likely when this card turns up, that sundered relationships may be reconnected, and it is important now to let down your defenses safe in the knowledge that all relationships are made, held and released as appropriate. In other words, there is a greater force at play and you will be connected with those who are meant to be in your life, whilst those no longer serving a positive purpose will be released.

This may be a good time to build more connections, a network of mutual support, but remember that the most important connection is your connection with the Source - your connection in mind, body and spirit to the universe around you.

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