Monday, 15 August 2011

Faery Message for Monday 15th August 2011

The Singer of Initiation

This is a time of major change and challenge, a transition between the old and the new with the potential for moving into a new realm which involves a new way of being.

Basically, you are being tested to see if you truly have learned the lessons you have been working on, and if you are willing to apply them in your life. There is no initiation without testing, and this testing has to take you to your limits in order to be valid...otherwise, what would be the point?! However, be aware that you are only going through this initiation because the Singer knows that you do have the potential to pass the test.

This card often presages a time of huge success and fulfillment. Draw on your inner resources and wisdom, focusing on how you can go beyond what you have achieved before and how you can use your powers at an even higher and more ethical level.

The gate is open to you now, but you're the one who has to take the action of stepping through it.

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