Friday, 2 September 2011

Faery Message for Friday 2nd September 2011

The Faery Godmother

Oooh, I love it when this card turns up...especially on a Friday! :)

The Faery Godmother is asking you if you are making things harder than they need to be for yourself right now? Do you feel that life is an uphill struggle? If so, maybe it is time to call on the help of your Faery Godmother...and she will be there as soon as you fact, she's here already, all you need to do is to open to her and when you do, you could be amazed at how effortlessly and gracefully things unfold and smooth themselves out.

All she asks is that you believe she is here for you, and when you start to see good, maybe even miraculous things start to happen in your life, that you also believe that you deserve them. Expect good fortune to bless your life now, expect issues and problems to be resolved perfectly, expect abundance, expect miracles.

The Faery Godmother teaches the importance of keeping our hearts open to love and acceptance, and of developing our capacity for unconditional love - both giving and receiving. So remember to say thank you when the good things start to happen, and to pay it forward by passing on a kindness to someone else. In this way, we each get the wonderful opportunity to be a Faery Godmother in some-one else's life!!

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