Monday, 5 September 2011

Faery Message for Monday 5th September 2011

The Singer of Courage

Courage is not the absence of fear - courage is experiencing fear, but not allowing yourself to be stopped by it.

Ordinary living in itself takes courage, especially when you are standing up for what you believe to be right even though there may be pressure from others to do otherwise. It is in cases like these that it is important to consider the fear you are feeling, acknowledge it, and then let the energy of that fear itself empower you and propel you towards doing what is right for you.

This may well be a good time for a spot of deep soul-searching! Perhaps it is time to break through your limiting beliefs about yourself, awaken to greater possibilities and really go for your objectives. With a bit of self-discipline, emotions like fear and even anger can be transformed into courage.

Ask for help from the Singer of Courage in transcending whatever fears or negative emotions you are experiencing right now, and you will be granted the gift of true courage.

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