Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Faery Message for Tuesday 13th September 2011

Geeeeooo the Slooow

In a nutshell, this card is encouraging you to slow down!!!

Geeeeooo is telling you that there is nothing to be gained right now by rushing about and metaphorically trying to "push the river" - all this will do is cause you stress. Realise that this situation or issue is part of a long process - one that cannot be hurried - so you might as well settle yourself in for the long haul and set a pace that you can maintain for as long as needed, while remaining relaxed and patient.

If you find this frustrating, contemplate Mother Nature. The sun rises and sets at its proper time, the earth and the moon circle each other perfectly, fruit ripens, flowers bloom, rivers flow, trees grow, crystals form...the list goes on and on...and none of these natural processes are hurried or forced...they just happen of themselves in perfect order.

When you are busy rushing around with the idea that you are making things good for later you are missing out on the now. And now is all you truly have...so take some time to smell the roses!!!

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