Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Faery Message for Tuesday 8th March 2011

The Sage

Now, this is quite interesting considering yesterday's reading. Remember how Luathas the Wild represents wild, creative energy, which can be a positive thing, but can also lead to burn out if you're not grounded and balanced? Well, The Sage reiterates this.

This is the card of detaching yourself from chaotic energies and people, of retreating and thinking things over, of simplifying your thoughts by having some alone time, and perhaps even meditating.

You might find that certain people in your life view this detachment as aloofness or coldness, and they might not understand why you need to just keep to yourself for a while, but the Sage reassures you that the clear-headedness and deeper awareness and understanding you will glean by doing this is, in fact, the most loving thing you can do. Everyone will ultimately benefit...it truly is for the greater good of all.

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