Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Animal Healing

Recently, I was asked to send Reiki to a dog who had started having seizures. As you can imagine, his mum was beside herself with worry and determined to do everything she could to help him.

The first time I sent distance healing to "Fred" and tuned into him, the very strong sense I got was one of gentleness...this was one soft, loving, affectionate dog who absolutely adored his mum. The closeness they shared was so clear, but as I continued with the Reiki, another sense started to come through. Fred was worried, there was something troubling him immensely, something to do with his mum, and this is what was causing the seizures.

I contacted his mum straight away after the session and explained (with some trepidation, it has to be never know how people will take the notion of "talking to the animals"!!) what I'd felt. She said that it made total sense - she had been going through some massive changes in her life, and been working through a lot of "old stuff" which had been exhausting and very emotional for her. She had got through all of this and was now feeling better than ever, but poor Fred was obviously still picking up on her previous traumas and feeling anxious and worried. I suggested that she spend some time talking to him, reassuring him that she was fine now, that she appreciated his love and support, but there was no need for him to worry any more, and I sent the same messages of reassurance to him whenever I sent Reiki afterwards.

We love our pets so much, and worry about them when they are ill or suffering in any way, but what we tend to forget is that the feeling is mutual. Our pets love and worry about us, too, but they can't sit us down and talk to us, it's difficult for them to know what to do and so sometimes that worry and anxiety manifests as illness in them. Fred is a perfect example of this. His mum had him checked out by the vet too, of course, but happily he has had no more seizures since.

So, please don't forget to thank your pets on a regular basis - especially if you have been or are going through a difficult time - keep them up to date with what's going on and, above all, keep on reassuring them.

They are so much more sensitive and intelligent than we give them credit for!

(For a pet/animal Reiki distance healing, please feel free to contact me. Details in my "welcome" post of 28th February 2011. With love xxxxxx)

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