Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Faery Message for Wednesday 9th March 2011

The Dark Lady

Well, it seems like we are now moving into a more yin time after all that crazy yang energy of the last few days.
The Dark Lady is similar to The Sage who we met yesterday, in that she too advises against being overly-occupied with the frenetic world around us. Instead, now is a time to focus on the world within. Something new is being brought into being, something that you might not even be conscious of yet. View it as a seed sprouting in the earth...the Dark Lady is there nurturing it until it is ready to burst through the surface and manifest in the physical realm. She is the guardian of all your hopes, dreams, abilities and talents that you don't even realise you have, and when she comes up in a reading, it is a good idea to withdraw from the ordinary as much as you can. It's almost like you need to prepare yourself - what is hidden is getting ready to be revealed, and this is a wonderful opportunity to increase your self-awareness, attract more magic into your life and even develop more powerful psychic abilities.

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