Monday, 4 April 2011

Faery Message for Monday 4th April 2011

The Dark Lady

Interesting that this card should show up today after yesterday's message, as it is quite similar in some ways.

Like Nelys, The Dark Lady talks about profound inner change, maybe even a time of rebirth. She says it is important now to withdraw from the ordinary as much as possible and to avoid being "busy-busy". This is a special time, what is hidden is getting ready to be revealed - imagine it like seeds about to sprout out of the earth - and you may find you want to spend some time alone.

Work on your inner world, on your self-awareness and self-knowledge and you will be surprised by how your psychic powers develop and how magic suddenly starts to happen in your life. Retreat, meditate, seek serenity and inner peace.

Go with the flow here and don't resist these changes; understand that they are all a part of the natural cycle of life.

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