Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Faery Message for Tuesday 5th April 2011

Epona's Wild Daughter

Epona is a practitioner of "tough love" therapy and she really is a bit of a tough cookie!

We all have our shadow side; things we don't like about ourselves, things we are ashamed of, all those insecurities, self-doubts and fears that, for the most part, we like to keep safely tucked away in a little box called "denial".

But Epona is here to tell you, in no uncertain terms, that you will be unable to move forward in your life until you have faced something buried deep within you that is actually now holding you back. She encourages you to open up to difficult and uncomfortable questions about yourself and be ready to face those things that are not as you would wish them to be; she urges you to heal the unresolved issues about who you really are and what you truly want to be.

This is likely to be challenging, but if you can stick with it and work through it, you will find that once these inner conflicts and struggles are resolved, they actually become your greatest strengths. The dark and hidden side of yourself will be transformed into healing and fulfillment and you can never be frightened by that darkness again.

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