Thursday, 21 July 2011

Faery Message for Thursday 21st 2011

The Rarr

Ah, now this is a similar card to yesterday in that The Rarr is also all about wild energy and limitless potential.

This is wonderful, of course, and if you are feeling particularly energised and filled with vigour & vim, then you would do well to take advantage of it. However, the Rarr does come with a bit of a warning!! Be attentive and selective right now as to where you actually put your energy, and what you do with it. Sometimes, when energy levels are high like this, it is easy to get carried away with other people's (or your own) enthusiasm and there can be a tendency towards being a tad unrealistic.

You can accomplish a great deal right now, but make sure that you are properly centred and that you have both feet firmly on the ground. Breathe slowly, centre, earth yourself, be clear about your objectives and then go for them!

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