Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Faery Message for Wednesday 20th July 2011


This is a very powerful card - one of pure, wild yang energy.

Shamans and healers draw on the power of Himself and you may be finding lots of magical, mystical events happening right now which seem to be drawing you to a new level of caring and serving.

When Himself is around, he energizes everything you do, every thought you think, so it is very important right now to make the most of this flush of energy, but to make sure you are grounded, centered and channelling it properly. There is a risk of over-doing things and becoming drained or depressed...or even of getting a little bit too full of your own importance and coming across as arrogant!!

Balance is called for and if you use the energy of Himself for the greater good of all, with integrity and an attitude of unconditional love and giving, then great vitality, success, triumph and achievement are assured.

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