Thursday, 8 September 2011

Faery Message for Thursday 8th September 2011


OK, don't start freaking out on me here...this is a very positive card, I repeat, this is a very positive card and does not represent physical death (either of you or a loved one) AT ALL.

This is the card of significant change (echoing yesterday's message), one that involves letting go of the old in order to move forward into the new. Something has reached its natural ending and there is substantial and irrevocable change in the works.

This change may be inner or outer, or most likely, both and you may be feeling great resistance to it - even fear. This is only because you may be clinging on to aspects of your life that you know you have outgrown, but the fear of "stepping into the unknown" is keeping you stuck there.

Know that whatever changes are afoot in your life are timely and positive so make room for the new by letting go of the old, lovingly, gently, willingly, and with gratitude.

The future is brighter than you can imagine right now, so release what needs to be released and step forward boldly!

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