Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Faery Message for Wednesday 7th September 2011

The Singer of Initiation

This is the card of significant change and challenge. There is the potential now for moving into a new realm, which involves a new way of being.

You have probably felt this major change building for a while now, and perhaps put the accompanying challenges down to bad luck or fate. In actual fact, it was an initiation, a test, an opportunity to see you if have truly learned the lessons you have been working on and are ready to move on. Rest assured, you were only given this initiation because this Singer knew that you had the potential and the ability to pass it.

The Singer of Initiation often presages a period of success, of seeing and using your own powers at a higher and more ethical level. You are being given the opportunity to move into greater fulfillment of your own potential, and to take on a new level of responsibility for yourself...and for the world.

The gate is open to you...but you are the one who has to step through it!

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